FIA World Endurance Racing In 2017

FIA World Endurance Racing In 2017

The sixth season of the FIA World Endurance Championship will take place in 2017. The Championship is expected to begin in April and will open to four different categories of race cars, including grand tour style racing cars and Le Mans prototypes. The Championship will include nine different events and will end in November 2017.

The First Events

A provisional calendar has been announced for the 2017 edition of the FIA World Endurance Championship. The first event will take place in Silverstone on April 16th. The 6th Hour of Silverstone will open the Championship on the Silverstone Circuit. The next event will be held on May 6th in Belgium. This event is another 6 hour-long race on the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps.

The 85th Edition Of The 24 Hours Of Le Mans

The next event in the FIA World Endurance Racing will be the 85th running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. This particularly challenging racing event will take place on June 17th and June 18th in Le Mans. It will be followed by the 6 Hours of Nürburgring in Germany on July 16th.

Mexico and the US

The next two events will take place on a different continent. The participants will race on the Autódromo Hermanos Rodriguez in Mexico City on September 3rd for a 6 hour-long event. The FIA World Endurance Racing Championship will then come to the U.S. for the 6 Hours of Circuit of the Americas event on September 16th.

Japan, China and Bahrain

The last three events in the Championship will respectively take place in Japan, China and in Bahrain. Each racing event will last six hours. Participants will race on the Fuji Speedway in Oyama, Japan on October 15th. The next event will take place on November 5th on the Shanghai International Circuit in China and the Championship will end on November 18th with a racing event on the Bahrain International Circuit.

Only a few of the participants are known at this time. So far, the Porsche Team and the G-Drive Racing team had confirmed that they would take part in the Championship. Rebellion Racing, TDS Racing, Clearwater Racing and the AF Course have also confirmed their participation. The Audio racing team stated that they would not participate in the Championship back in October 2016. The 2017 edition of the FIA World Endurance Racing Championship should be an exciting one!

Formula 1 Racing

Formula 1 Basics

Formula 1 represents the pinnacle of motor racing. The high performance racing cars used in F1 series racing represent top of the line engineering. Since its inception F1 has grown to become the most revered motor sport racing event. A typical F1 series takes drivers and teams to all corners of the world, with races being held in a variety of countries across the globe.

If you are new to Formula 1 and would like to learn a few things about this amazing sport, you have definitely come to the right place.

Formula 1 Basics

Formula One refers to a set of rules that defined the type and features of the cars taking part in this motor sport. This set of rules is actually what is referred to as the formula. A formula one racing event is referred to as a Grand Prix; this term is French, and translates to Grand Prize in English. During each racing event, drivers usually compete to collect points which are distributed among the first ten. The points go towards the F1 Championship, which is divided into the driver and constructor titles.

The Races

A formula 1 racing event is typical made up of three days. On the first and second day, drivers and their teams test the track. Each team must test their race car on the track at least once. Part of the second day is used for the qualifying round. Here, drivers race each other with the aim of establishing their starting positions. The driver with the fastest lap time usually gets pole position. Race day is usually set for Sunday.

Drivers have to race over 305 kilometers, or 190 miles. It is also worth mentioning that races are stopped after period of two hours is over.

The Cars

Although all F1 teams are supposed to build their own cars, they are allowed to buy power units from competitors; and in most cases they do. As previously stated, Formula 1 race cars represent the pinnacle of motor engineering. As of 2014 these racing cars use hybrid 1.4 liter V6 engines. As such, F1 cars are more eco-friendly; they harness kinetic energy and heat produced during braking and through the exhaust to feed the Energy Recovery System, which is used to power short bursts of speed.

As you can see, F1 racing is governed by strict rules, which are regularly updated to keep engineering standards and competition between teams and drivers at peak levels.

Indy Car Motorsport Auto Racing

Indy Car Motorsports Racing

Starting at an early age many young Americans develop a love for watching car races. There’s a lot of excitement there, combined with the loud engines, tire squealing, and the smell of exhaust fumes. It’s an American tradition that almost equals Baseball and apple pie. There are hot dogs, hamburgers, Cokes and beers, plus flags, jackets, caps and other memorabilia to be had, it’s good time for all. It all started with the car manufacturers trying to show off the quality, speed, and handling of their cars many years ago but has been an American pastime for decades.

Lots Of Racers Start Out Small And Work Their Way Up

There is almost the same amount of enjoyment involved in racing a stock car as there is in driving one of the great Indy Car Racers. There is a difference in the speeds the cars can achieve, and a huge difference in the costs to participate, but the fun of driving is the same and many of the big racers got their start with stock car racing.

With a few sponsors, a good car, and some experience driving a person can get started in the circuits driving the oval track. There are a dozen other types of races that are also seeding grounds for budding racers and those are the smaller cart racers, go kart racers, destruction derbies and then there are the drag racers too. Check the latest Indycar racing schedule.

Many Indy Cars And Drag Racers Can Do A Football Field in 1 Second

That’s an amazing statistic when you think about it, but a dragster or Indy car, each traveling at top speed, can go from one end of a football field to the other in just a second. This is why they are so fun to watch with all the noise, tires, smell of fumes, mixed with grilling hamburgers all washed down with a pint of beer.

Meanwhile the drivers of the Indy Car racers can be experiencing G-forces equal to those of NASA astronauts taking off in a space shuttle launch. Most of the time, to qualify for a race the speeds need to be in the 215 to 230 mph range and that’s an average too.

If you have some younger kids, girls or boys, you can’t go wrong by taking them down to the track and getting them introduced to racing. There are many different levels so even young kids can get started racing smaller go karts that are easy to build from scratch while you teach basic mechanics to them. The learning experience of driving, competing, losing, and working on your own vehicle is a priceless opportunity to give the gift of racing and learning to a new generation.

Keeping Up With Nascar Car Racing

Keeping Up With Nascar Car Racing

Nascar can be a lot of fun to follow. When you have a favorite racer, you can feel like you have a personal investment in every single race that you watch. You’ll be on the edge of your seat when a major race is going on.

If you are having a hard time keeping up with Nascar car racing, you should be aware of the resources that can help you follow your favorite sport.


Nascar Apps

You can keep track of what is going on in the racing world no matter where you are! If you have the right kind of app, you will always be able to obtain more information about races and events.

These apps are great when you don’t have the time to watch Nascar events. Even when you’re out on the go, you’ll be able to see what is going on. Even the racers like to get on social media – watch for their verified accounts.

Nascar News Sites

There are all kinds of sites that offer news. Some of these sites have a specialty. If you start following a Nascar news site, you won’t have to read news about pit-crewanything but Nascar.

You’ll have the chance to read interviews with your favorite drivers, news stories about sponsorship deals, and so much more. If something big happens in the world of Nascar, you are going to be aware of it.

Connect With Other People That Share Your Interests

If you have friends that are also fans of Nascar, it’ll be a lot easier for you to enjoy races. You’ll always have someone to talk about Nascar with, and you’ll be able to watch major events with your friends.

Veteran Outreach

Often times, joint community or government efforts team up with Nascar. In 2016, Nascar tracks across the US and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)  joined forces for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Season with a hard drive to generate funding for VA Benefits and help provide special services for Veterans.

If no one that you know shares the same interests that you have, you may want to connect with people online.

There are entire communities that are built around Nascar.

In this day and age, it is easy for people to connect with like-minded people. Start looking for communities and see what kind of people you can meet. You may be able to make some new friends that share your passions!

Keeping up with Nascar car racing doesn’t have to take a lot of effort on your part. No matter how busy you are, you should be able to follow major events and keep track of what is going on in the racing world. If something big is going on, you will be among the first to know about it!