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Indy Car Motorsport Auto Racing

Indy Car Motorsports Racing

Starting at an early age many young Americans develop a love for watching car races. There’s a lot of excitement there, combined with the loud engines, tire squealing, and the smell of exhaust fumes. It’s an American tradition that almost equals Baseball and apple pie. There are hot dogs, hamburgers, Cokes and beers, plus flags, jackets, caps and other memorabilia to be had, it’s good time for all. It all started with the car manufacturers trying to show off the quality, speed, and handling of their cars many years ago but has been an American pastime for decades.

Lots Of Racers Start Out Small And Work Their Way Up

There is almost the same amount of enjoyment involved in racing a stock car as there is in driving one of the great Indy Car Racers. There is a difference in the speeds the cars can achieve, and a huge difference in the costs to participate, but the fun of driving is the same and many of the big racers got their start with stock car racing.

With a few sponsors, a good car, and some experience driving a person can get started in the circuits driving the oval track. There are a dozen other types of races that are also seeding grounds for budding racers and those are the smaller cart racers, go kart racers, destruction derbies and then there are the drag racers too. Check the latest Indycar racing schedule.

Many Indy Cars And Drag Racers Can Do A Football Field in 1 Second

That’s an amazing statistic when you think about it, but a dragster or Indy car, each traveling at top speed, can go from one end of a football field to the other in just a second. This is why they are so fun to watch with all the noise, tires, smell of fumes, mixed with grilling hamburgers all washed down with a pint of beer.

Meanwhile the drivers of the Indy Car racers can be experiencing G-forces equal to those of NASA astronauts taking off in a space shuttle launch. Most of the time, to qualify for a race the speeds need to be in the 215 to 230 mph range and that’s an average too.

If you have some younger kids, girls or boys, you can’t go wrong by taking them down to the track and getting them introduced to racing. There are many different levels so even young kids can get started racing smaller go karts that are easy to build from scratch while you teach basic mechanics to them. The learning experience of driving, competing, losing, and working on your own vehicle is a priceless opportunity to give the gift of racing and learning to a new generation.